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Friday, 14 September 2012

Nap - attempt one

Oh how I was looking forward to my attempt at napping

I finished off my paperwork and eagerly drew the curtains at 2.15 , popped on the radio 4 afternoon play and set my alarm for 40 minutes later .
Five minutes in - phone rang . Botheration I meant to silence it . Ten minutes later just as I was drifting then mr Kay wandered upstairs and started wittering about going to the catering warehouse to look at carvery lamps and fridges
I was in bed at 2.30pm . why would he pick that time to think I would like to look at fridges and meat heating devices
Tried again - doorbell went and the courier was delivering my next open uni course material

Gave up

Went to look at fridges

Will try again next week sometime

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