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Friday, 7 September 2012

Anxiety and gut instinct are similar beasts

I felt really weird yesterday in the early evening. Little one - who is not so little now at seven and I were sitting on the sofa and she seemed quiet. I asked her a few times if something was wrong and she said no but I kept getting a nagging feeling. After her shower I asked again and again she said no and I just had this icky feeling in my stomach .

Anyone who has panic or anxiety will be familiar with it - that feeling of impending doom over nothing and I got quite cross with myself over asking her so many times and projecting my insane feelings onto her

Ten minutes later she burst into tears and told me she had been "bad" and handed me a letter from her book bag from the school. She and another girl had been mean to a third girl and not letting her play at break time , the school phrase it as " not speaking with care " and she had been called in to see the head teacher and told off .

I popped in this morning and had a chat with the head teacher and got the details and had it confirmed that E had apologised and they were treating it as a one off

So there you go - sometimes the anxious feeling "over nothing " is not without basis

Doesn't that just confuse things!

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  1. I have those feelings as well. I tend to trust my gut. I've yet to get rid of anxiety as my sidekick.

    Maybe they go together...and we're simply in "tune" with more than we think.