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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Its 2013 already

How time flies dear reader.

After 5 months then I would say that a little update is well overdue

I am doing well on the whole. In the last five months I have
  • Stopped being so tired all the time. Not sure why as I don't think my night time sleep has gone up much over 6 hours on average . Perhaps the slow and steady drip feed of daily Rhodiola Root , Multivitamin and B6 supplements has statred working. Perhaps the reduced anxiety has just let me recover because anxiety is exhausting - lets face it

  • I lost half a stone .. and regained it. Twice. That one is a work in progress and my next diet starts as usual on Monday

  • The BIG ONE on the anxiety results front is .... I stopped smoking three weeks ago. I am using a fancy dan electronic cigarette so I'm still getting nicotine but without the tar and chemicals. Within a day of stopping  then the low level underlying anxiety plummeted to only every now and then levels. I actually didn't see that one coming given I'm still using nicotine

I am not 100% carefree and anxiety free but its all at a level where its manageable and I'm not scared by it anymore

I had a couple of days of moderate anxiety just before my period this month that I assume was just hormonal . Last week I had a mini panic attack while walking up a steep hill and my heart went boom boom which I think kicked off reminders of how panic attacks feel and escalated it. Do you know what .. I was fine and handled it well. I kept walking while panicking and when I got to the top of the hill I sat on a wall for a couple of minutes and just kept tell myself that if I waited and kept calm it would fade and the worst that could happen is a full blown attack and I'd still be fine after 15 minutes. It faded ... of course it did.

 I had quite a trembly shaker of an attack three months ago while driving but apart from that nothing major. That one was a build up of tension as my friend brought her three kids round and they were so badly behaved and constantly noisy that after three hours and driving them home ( to get rid of them to be honest ) I just felt headf*cked and I think I overbreathed without realising. That attack was horrible at the time as my 7 year old was in the car with me. My heart did its boom boom boom thing and I started shaking a little and I had to pull over and pretend I had gotten too hot and had to take my jumper off so as to have some time to gather my thoughts. The stop worked and I made myself carry on and pop into the garage for petrol on the way home. Felt a bit shocked and shaky but as usual carrying on rather than running home and worrying about it was the right thing for me to have done so lessons being learnt all the time

Two incidents in five months isn't bad at all , especially now I have the skills to calm myself down when they happen . Both times I was fully aware it was a panic attack which helps to stop it escalating

I hope everyone out there is doing well and I'll pop back and updated sporadically


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  1. Glad you're doing so well, good for you! I've just done a post on anxiety over on my blog as I am a sufferer myself xx